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In the US, Donald Trump just won the election.  In the UK, Brexit happened a few months ago.  In the Philippines, the new President’s leadership stirs a great divide.  Terrorist attacks remain to be a threat.  Slump in the global economy is undeniable.  The condition day after tomorrow is unpredictable.  It’s doom and gloom wherever you go.  So now, what? 

For me, the best days are ahead of us…

1. Because we can no longer be complacent
When everything seemed convenient as we rest in our laurels, now’s the time to trash mediocrity and complacency.  If it used to be so easy to have what we need and want, it’s time to re-learn the value of hardwork and perseverance.  If you like something, you need to earn it.

2. Because we are now all underdogs     
Being born and raised in a third world country, I’m used to being an underdog in the global platform – and I love it.  The notion of others that I’m inferior and incapable because of my skin color challenges me to prove them wrong. It serves as a motivation to always strive to be my best, at my toes and constantly self-reliant.  With this global scenario, we’re all in the same boat now.  It’s up to us how we’d bounce back.

3. Because we now need to focus on solutions
Everyone’s entitled to his opinion and to voice it out whichever way he pleases.  Yet, it will be counterproductive if we don’t focus and act on the solutions.  It’s fine to feel hurt, mourn, protest, scream and shout – but after you’re down and out, did you achieve the result?  Is what you’re fighting for worth the effort?  In times like this, pick your battles and choose those that will make a tangible difference in your life.

4. Because we don’t have a choice but be creative
Some would call it ‘survival instinct’ while others see it as ‘biting the bullet’.  To me, it’s simple creativity.  In such a predicament when you feel that there’s no hope, but you’re still driven to survive, you’ll do whatever it takes to thrive.  Being resourceful, experimental and innovative comprises the combination of ‘creativity under pressure’ – use it to your advantage.

5. Because we now have to be resilient
I feel that ‘resiliency’ is the most relevant value at this time.  When you stumble and fall, you simply get up.  When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!  It’s as simple as that.  Easier said than done, you say?  Read the story of some highly successful people across generations (Walt Disney, Harland David Sanders, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, The Beatles and Michael Jordan to name a few) to understand my point.  And yes, they are just like you.      

6. Because we need to defy ‘impossible’
Living in Dubai, I’ve witnessed the ‘beautiful irony’ of 9 November 2016 – while the world was filled with hate because of the US elections and Filipinos were crying since our country’s ex-President / biggest thief will be buried in a cemetery for heroes, Dubai opened its awe inspiring man made canal which people labeled before as an ‘impossible’ project.  How the hell will you have a canal in the middle of cemented roads on a desert country?  The answer of this city’s amazing and visionary leader is that you simply build it!  Same applies to us now – whether we get stuck on a rut or we make impossible, possible.

7. Because we need to depend on ourselves
You’ll be alone when you die on your deathbed.  Your loved ones might surround you, but not the institutions that you’re attached with now.  I’m not saying that we should develop apathy, but we should just be aware that it all boils down to us individually.  Never blame and be too dependent on earthly elements because they are not accountable with what happens to your life – it’s your sole responsibility and nobody else’s. 

8. Because we need to unify
Indeed, it’s going to be the survival of the fittest and each one would need to compete to win.  But, there comes a point when we, as players on this so-called game of life won’t have a choice but unify to make things work.  The spirit of collaboration, teamwork and partnership will ignite great results.  So instead of being self-centered and bringing others down, why not turn to each other and unify?

9. Because we can choose better
Now that the stakes are higher and the implications are bigger, we’ll be more careful with the choices we make.  Though born in the 80s, I see myself as a millennial with my thoughts, words, actions and lifestyle – a common trait among us is making haphazard decisions.  Yes, it’s a fast-paced life, but we are now forced to slow down, think harder and choose better.  Otherwise, everything we’ve worked hard for will go down the drain. 

10. Because we need to keep our faith alive
I’m non-sectarian when interacting with people and embrace diversity in faith.  Whatever you practice and believe in, I’m with you.  The only point now is that we need to strengthen and keep that faith alive, because when all else fails, it’s good to hold on to that unexplainable higher being that can eventually balance things out.  Your situation will be better if you think it, believe it and act on it.  Just keep the faith.  

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11 november 2016​

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