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Just like any other kid, I have always dreamt of flying.  

"Life" happened and the closest that I got to it was when I did a bungee jump in Nepal back in 2012.

Later on, I came to realize that I don't necessarily need to literally fly to get a dose of that same high.  In the new world, there are bits and pieces that will serve as your wings to launch that flight.  Luckily, I found mine in four different forms and I'm happy to share them to help inspire you to find and shape yours.

This is why "Fly With Joseph" was born.  Its purpose is to serve as an inspirational platform which will drive meaning and action based on true stories and real life experiences.

So get on board.  Trust me it will be a fun ride!

Always inspiring you,

​Joseph Alcantara

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Defying the stereotypes about fitness challenges with stories from someone who used to be really fat. 

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