My fitness journey is one of my favorite conversation starters and the opening line would be “Did you know that I was 30 kilos heavier 4 years ago?”.  Sometimes people don’t believe until I show my very old photo safely saved in my mobile’s camera roll.  Then their priceless and consistent “Wow!” reaction comes in.

If there’s one accomplishment that I’m proudest the last few years, it would be this.  While still far from achieving my ‘leveled up’ fitness goals, I see the transformation as miraculous.  Who would have thought that an obese since birth could make a 360-degree turn after 30 years?

Far from being easy, it’s definitely not a small feat that I always give myself a pat on the back for embracing the change.  More importantly, I let people know because I want them to believe that it is possible.  Before sharing my experiences and tips to get the inspiration rolling, let me share my real-life personal reasons first why we need to choose to be fit and healthy.

1.  ​Being fit and healthy brings confidence.  I wouldn’t lie, the world values aesthetics that we have a universal concept of what’s physically beautiful – fit and healthy people usually fall in the category.  If you know that you are inside and out, it radiates and is manifested on how you carry yourself.  That sheer confidence naturally translates to courage to face whatever comes and to speak to anyone without doubts or inhibitions. 

2.  Being fit and healthy drives productivity.  We’ve learned this from school and it’s true.  Eating right, exercising and avoiding bad health habits boost energy along with our physical and mental capabilities.  Since you’re not slow and lethargic, you end up accomplishing more (even in a faster pace and more efficient way) both in your personal and professional life. 

3.  Being fit and healthy develops perseverance.  Since it would take such great effort to plan and choose your meals coupled with physically draining regimes depending on your goals, you’ll develop a huge deal of discipline, commitment and perseverance.  I’ve focused on the last value because this drives continuity and consistency, which is key to make your aim.  It’s that ‘no turning back’ attitude that will help you to push hard.

4.  Being fit and healthy makes you standout.  Someone considered the best in one thing doesn’t always stand out, but someone who’s a complete package usually does. I’ve always been tagged as the intelligent one when I was in school, but have realized now that I cannot attribute my life’s success to it.  The drive, positive attitude, confidence and personality drove it and I enhanced these after I embraced health and fitness.

5.  Being fit and healthy motivates you.  After achieving your goal bit by bit and seeing actual tangible results, you end up wanting to do more.  To my surprise, this level of motivation was not only evident in wanting to win the fitness race, but it rubbed off on other aspects of life.  Suddenly, I wanted to do other things that I haven’t thought of before or pushed me to do things now and not procrastinate.

6.  Being fit and healthy feels good and right.  Sometimes you simply feel good and right and can’t explain why.  This became true for me when I started eating clean and exercising regularly.  Scientifically, they were saying that the nutritional value of stuff you ingest along with the endorphins that you release when engaging in physical activities are doing the trick.  I’m not a pro, but makes sense to me.

7.  Being fit and healthy shows maturity.  The efforts in staying fit translate to always objectively rationalizing your decisions.  Because your practical reality suddenly turned to controlling your urges and veering away from previous unhealthy habits, you simply moved up the maturity ladder.  You no longer behave like an uncontrollable 6-year old brat who will eat all the chocolates he sees.

8.  Being fit and healthy helps you save.  Contrary to the impression that a healthy lifestyle is expensive due to food limitation and gym fees, it’s actually the opposite.  When you decide to change, you’ll also stop smoking, unnecessary food deliveries, binge drinking, costly recreation (instead of working out) and spontaneous junk food party.  Try to do the math and compare the two scenarios - fit and healthy ends up cheaper. 

9.  Being fit and healthy broadens your circle.  People that sweat together, stay and have fun together!  Kidding aside, your fitness activities serve as the window to widen your network.  Since you end up knowing and mingling with like-minded individuals who share a common goal as yours (not to mention the regularity of seeing each other), you create a special bond that develops acquaintance and familiarity to a meaningful friendship.

10.  Being fit and healthy manifests love.  Like all else in life, you do things for yourself and the people who matter to you.  Choosing to be fit and healthy is like giving yourself and your loved ones what they deserve.  Not only would you want what’s best for them because you care, but ultimately because you love them.  So all these sacrifices and efforts boil down to one thing that is totally amazing.

Bottomline, being fit and healthy is not the shallow surface that you see physically.  There’s more life-changing moments around it.  Make sure you don’t miss out on them because you only live once (yes, I’m cheeky and have used ‘FOMO’ and ‘YOLO’ here! LOL!).

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