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20 august 2016​

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If I were to support certain causes and advocacies, “finding happiness” will be one of my top priorities.  It’s such a complicated abstract concept, which makes or breaks people.  Especially at this day and age where simplicity seems to have vanished in this world, experiencing happiness is an epic battle for some.

So I’ve decided to pen down my thoughts on the topic and ended up with my version of practical “modern day beatitudes” which will hopefully serve as an inspiring eye opener to anyone who reads it.

1.    Happy are those who see beyond color, race, gender, age or accent – they’ll always experience the good in people.

2.    Happy are those who fail – they’ll learn how to get up and try again.

3.    Happy are those who don’t have much material wealth – they’ll have fewer sources of stress and temptations.

4.    Happy are those who fulfill the role of a mother – they’ll be loving, caring and compassionate.

5.    Happy are those who fulfill the role of a father – they’ll strive to be good providers and raise good children.

6.    Happy are those who see money only as an enabler – they’ll not be slaves of it.

7.    Happy are those who are honest – they won’t be haunted by their own lies.

8.    Happy are those who are loyal to their partners – they’ll feel the real meaning of love.

9.    Happy are those who don’t get angry easily – they’ll experience less misery.

10.  Happy are those who live their lives to the fullest – they won’t have regrets.

11.  Happy are those who aim for productivity and don’t procrastinate – they’ll achieve a lot more than others.

12.  Happy are those who forgive easily – they’ll always have inner peace.

13.  Happy are those who don’t hold grudges – they won’t be bothered by the unnecessary baggage of the past.

14.  Happy are those who can sacrifice their own needs for others – they’ll feel the real meaning of fulfillment.

15.  Happy are those who help strangers – they’ll experience an unexplainable joy every moment.

16.  Happy are those who do random acts of kindness – they won’t feel empty.

17.  Happy are those who are patient with their aging parents – they’ll make them feel loved and important.

18.  Happy are those who fill their lives with positivity – they won’t doubt themselves.

19.  Happy are those who only wish good things for others – they won’t have any room for negativity.

20.  Happy are those who don’t engage in office politics – they’ll gain more trust and respect from their superiors and subordinates. 

21.  Happy are those who don’t gossip – they’ll have time to focus on more important things in life.

22.  Happy are those who can accept their mistakes and learn from them – they can better themselves everyday.

23.  Happy are those who listen not just to respond but to really understand – they’ll make others feel better.

24.  Happy are those who listen more and speak less – they’ll lessen the chances for more misunderstandings.

25.  Happy are those who say “Thank you” – they’ll help build others’ self-esteem and self-worth.

26.  Happy are those who say “You’re welcome” – they’ll encourage others to also help others and “pay it forward”.

27.  Happy are those who can laugh at themselves – they’ll always find a reason to smile.

28.  Happy are those who can adapt and keep up with the times – they won’t feel old.

29.  Happy are those who acknowledge their weaknesses and are willing to change – they’ll find good reasons to get up every morning.

30.  Happy are those who are open to trying new things at least once – they’ll live well-rounded lives.

31.  Happy are those who are organized in everything they do – they’ll make tasks easier to handle.

32.  Happy are those who are not slaves of routine – they’ll be flexible, spontaneous and never feel bored.

33.  Happy are those who have goals and plans in life – they’ll be forward looking and action oriented.

34.  Happy are those who give themselves a regular “me time” – they’ll do better in performing their other roles and responsibilities.

35.  Happy are those who believe in a higher being – they’ll always have refuge when everything seems impossible.

36.  Happy are those who cultivate lifelong friendships – they won’t feel alone.

37.  Happy are those who take care of themselves physically – they’ll always feel great.

38.  Happy are those who have enough hours of sleep – they won’t feel restless and lethargic.

39.  Happy are those who know how to reward themselves – they’ll add more to their list of goals.

40.  Happy are those who live within their means – they’ll feel content.

41.  Happy are those who are aware with what’s happening in the world – they’ll be inspired to be the change that they want.

42.  Happy are those who don’t abuse the talents and powers they’re blessed with – they’ll always have a clear conscience and won’t have anything to hide.

43.  Happy are those who keep their families their priority – they’ll always know that they’ve chosen right.

44.  Happy are those who work to live, not live to work – they’ll experience life’s real essence.

45.  Happy are those who don’t resort to self-pity or “victim mentality” when problems come – they’ll remain strong and overcome challenges.

46.  Happy are those who can commit to a serious relationship – they’ll learn what maturity truly means.

47.  Happy are those who can patiently wait to be committed to a serious relationship – they’ll have time to prepare the best version of themselves before the right one comes.

48.  Happy are those who don’t brag – they won’t need validation from others to experience real joy.

49.  Happy are those who always choose to do the right thing – they won’t fear life after death.

50.  Happy are those who keep the inner child in them – they’ll always be creative thinkers and believe that everything’s possible.

In today’s world that’s filled with hatred, grief, pain and selfishness, finding happiness is not far fetched if we simply start with ourselves.  ​Living our lives with 50 simple thoughts might spark the change we’ve all been longing for.  Perhaps give it a shot, we won’t lose anything anyway.  ​