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You always have two realities in life – chances and choices.  Whatever you do and wherever you go, your lifestyle will be subjected to both.  It’s up to you how you’d play these cards to make them work to your advantage.  What’s key is that you’ve seized your chances well to be proud of the choices you’ve made.

There’s no rule of thumb in living the best lifestyle.  If there’s one, the essence of each one’s uniqueness, freedom and responsibilities will be defeated.  So, from personal experience, I culled my top lifestyle picks.  I guess most of these are highly relatable and will hopefully give you better choices to have stronger chances in doing well in pretty much everything.

1.  You are what you eat.  Seemingly basic, yet eating has meaningful layers – it nourishes us, may be a form of indulgence and can bring people together as a universal language harmonizing cultural differences and commonalities.  Knowing the physical effect of every food we prepare, buy or enjoy is a must though as it affects our over-all wellness.  See it as being responsible, not self-limiting.

2.  You wear your true colors.  Functional dressers will think that this is nonsense.  Sorry to break the news, but people give a crap about your style at times – job interview, first date and client meetings, to name a few.  While I believe in the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, packaging helps in making a good impression.  Dress the part, look smart, consider the occasion, feel comfortable – simple, right?

3.  You can manage your thoughts and emotions.  Your brain is above your heart and it can manage what the latter feeds.  All negative thoughts and emotions resulting to stress, difficulties and failure are avoidable if you know how to manage, divert, respond and move on.  It’s simply applying the “glass half full” mindset in everything and seeing the good in everyone.  Life is too short for drama, spend it making great memories instead.

4.  You are not busy, you just need to make time.  Being busy is a modern day glorified concept that’s a scapegoat for failing to do things that matter.  I get it, there are days where the long “to do” list is simply impossible, but it all boils down to poor time and resource management.  Simple ways to be life-efficient: know what you need and want to do, have a plan, be focused, procrastinate less, consider a back up, follow a schedule, have a rest.

5.  You need to spend wisely.  Pretty basic I have to say, but difficult to do.  Wanting more and wanting it now without thinking of tomorrow is human nature.  What’s funnier is that all these are money-can-buy things, which sadly matter the least in life.  Living simply and within one’s means, saving for the rainy days, investing in opportunities and paying it forward might be workable tips to get sorted on this aspect. 

6.  You are never late to do what you want.  Society created stereotypes and not fitting within the mould is considered odd.  But society isn’t always right especially if it’s your life that’s at stake.  Finding and knowing your passion, needs and aspirations should not be stopped by anyone just because it’s different or not age-appropriate.  It’s never late to start anew or have a second wind to fulfill whatever you’ve set your mind on.  Just go for it!

7.  You are not alone.  The most fulfilling experiences in life are not experienced alone.  Family, partners, friends, loved ones, teammates and co-workers usually share these special moments that make life colorful.  Relationships are valuable that they should be shaped and cultivated.  When all’s gone and you’re down and out, this is the meaningful aspect that will remain.  Make sure you have one.

8.  You should chill.  In #3, I said life’s too short for drama… and for too serious stuff, if I may add.  As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, we need to step back, sign off and have a bit of fun to find our peace and regain energy.  Take time to be crazy at times, you owe it to yourself.  Or give yourself a reward for making a good week.  Whatever feels right, do it and breathe.

9.  You have to believe.  I won’t preach and talk about religion.  Perhaps the closest would be spirituality in its basic form, which for me is very personal and is defined individually.  But you simply have to believe in something that serves as the basis of your values and morals.  It should inspire your actions when nobody’s watching, it’s the voice that you hear in your darkest hours and what you will face after you die.

10.  You are your reason for being.  You’re only one of the 7 billion people on earth.  Have you made a dent or you’re just one of the normal empty headcount? Try to be of a greater essence, stand for something and bring it to life for others.  As Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”, it encourages us to find our calling that can then create a meaningful impact.

This list is far from being gospel truth, yet it aims to help compartmentalize the complicated challenges that life throws at us.

Living an ideal lifestyle that hits all marks is impossible, yet if we seize all essential chances and make the right choices, we’ll most likely be better off than most people.  At the end of the day, it’s up to us really – so start thinking and doing before time runs out.  

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