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You’ve been together for years and still believe in Valentine’s Day, but the cliché dinner date no longer does it.  Time to spice it up with untraditional ideas to keep the magic alive.  Here are some suggestions to make this year’s occasion a memorable one.

1.  Go glamping.  

Take advantage of the good weather and do desert camping with a glamorous twist.  Spend quality time and get away from it all while being pampered with gourmet meals and beverages of your choice, experiencing picture-perfect sunset, sleeping under the stars and waking up to enjoy a variety of activities with golden sands as your backdrop.

2.  Do chick flick all-day
Give in to what she’ll tag as the ‘best day ever’ – romantic movie marathon while lazing under the sheets coupled with breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed.  Have at least four chick flicks on the queue with a few of her favourites and some that she hasn’t seen yet, matched with a well-prepared menu that’s a combination of her comfort food and your new finds.  And to end the day, why not a home service massage too?

3.  Give a professional serenade.  
Show your hopeless romantic side and express what you really feel through a serenade.  You might say ‘I love you’ everyday, but not through a song and a surprise stunt that will surely melt hearts away.  Do an old-fashioned gesture with a modern twist by asking the service provider to sing your partner’s favourite love song while handing over your handwritten love letter along with flowers and chocolates.

4.  Name a star.  
Let the line ‘I’ll give you the moon and the stars’ metaphorically come to life by gifting your partner a star under his or her name.  There are various star registry sites that offer naming kits allowing you to single out one of the billions and call it your own.  It includes a map detailing your star’s coordinates to see where it actually lives in the sky along with custom-made cards. 

5.  Go on a picnic road trip.  
Visit various emirates and explore places that you haven’t seen before.  Plan your route and include stopovers in quiet and not so crowded spots where you can simply set-up your mat and picnic baskets.  Since it will be a full day drive, choose locations where you can relax, talk and laugh together.

6.  Adopt a dog.  
Do this if you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level and commit to a conjugal responsibility.  Like having your own child, it will serve as an introduction on how to nurture another life as partners.  This won’t be a one-time Valentine gift, as it will involve an unconditional dedication.  The return will be more than amazing though – a loyal pet who’d also give you both unconditional love.

7.  Take a class.  
Show love’s true meaning by doing something that’s out of your comfort zone.  If neither cooking nor dancing is your thing as a couple, give either a try on this day by attending a class together.  Both artsy activities are considered equally romantic that you may end up wanting to do more.  For starters, do baking for the sweet desserts and salsa for the sweet moves.

8.  Host a group date.  
If you can’t stand cheesy stuff but really up for fun, then host a couples’ BBQ party in your place.  Get the griller out, arrange the skewers, fill the cooler with drinks, ask your friends to bring some snacks and you’re all set.  Prepare some board or ‘truth or dare’ games to add a bit more fun to the day.  Celebrate love as one big party by enjoying each other’s company. ​

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 8 FEBRUARY 2017

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