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​Happy New Year! 

It’s already the fourth day of January and we now need to move on from all the festive feels and go back to reality.  Time to shout ‘it’s a wrap’ to all the happy mess around your house - from Christmas ornaments to gifts received and leftover ham, turkey and sweets that you can now blame for the extra pounds you’ve gained!  Yet despite this daunting reality, we always have a choice on how we’d push the ‘restart’ button and make the new year work so damn well for us (or not).

To get us all inspired to have a kick ass start to 2019, I’d like to share some thoughts that pretty much worked for me year-on-year.  I’m not talking about making resolutions as they are way too cliché and have never worked for me.  Yep, I failed miserably in making all the resolutions (or should I say ‘wish list’) happen that I consistently just end up throwing them all outside the window after a couple of months.   

On the contrary, what worked so well for me since 2008 is listing my SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-based) goals.  I’ve learned this from my marketing profession and decided to simply apply it to my personal life.  Lo and behold, I’ve been quite successful with it for a decade now – it helped in keeping my focus on how to craft the best version of myself and live and love the best life that this big world can offer.  

So here are my very practical tips to turn #Goals to #Reality in 2019:

1.  Write them down.
A tangible reference serves as a perpetual reminder.  Either on paper or on your e-gadget, what’s key is the physical list of ‘must do’s’ that you’ve written.  Authoring such piece is a self-awareness exercise that’s meant to inspire and ignite self-improvement actions.  Keep your list simple, but aspirational – the items shouldn’t be over the top, but hard enough to challenge you to be better.

2.  Make it accessible.
Keep your list handy.  This way, you won’t have much of an excuse about forgetting what you’re supposed to be accomplishing.  When you’re tempted to drop the ball or procrastinate, access your list for enlightenment.  Remember, you’re doing this for yourself not for anyone else, so make it an arm’s reach away – doing so will help to sustain your motivation when the New Year fever’s finally over.

3.  Review regularly.
It’s not an exaggeration if I’d suggest that you revisit your list daily.  Not only will it allow you to keep your focus, but will also push your limits on goals involving change in behavior.  If you failed on certain items today, you’re reminded to do better tomorrow.  Bottomline, familiarity brings comfort, acceptance and habit – use it to your advantage.

4. Consider milestones.
You wouldn’t want to feel overwhelmed and burdened by your self-imposed intentions.  Turn the pressure off by cutting your resolutions to bite-size pieces in terms of timing and results.  Recognize your progression and give yourself a pat on the back for each milestone.  If aiming for weight loss, smile for every pound gone.  If quitting smoking, high five for every craving resisted.  You are your own cheerleader – make sure you deliver your cheers and stunts well.     

5. Keep it real.
‘Find a new source of income, save more and start a new investment’ is a goal while ‘Win the lottery’ is just an uncontrollable wish.  See the difference?  If the desired result is achievable with your own efforts, then you’re safe.  It’s great to aim for the stars, but understand what’s realistic and attainable.  Having this sense check in place is vital to avoid unnecessary frustrations and disappointments.

6.  Ace the winning mindset.
You started this because you’re pragmatic about the idea.  You didn’t waste your energy to just fail in the end.  Embrace the ‘never say die’ thinking especially when the odds aren’t on your favor.  Interestingly, implementing goals may be considered a mind game – you’ll be clouded by counterproductive thoughts but you’d have to keep the faith and your emotions managed.  Every waking morning, get up to win and you’ll be conditioned for success.       

7.  Share with others.
Make those goals public.  A bunch will be skeptical and will wait til you give up, but the majority will be great supporters, encouraging you to make it to the finish line.  Sharing will also add confidence and a positive pressure to yourself (and your ego) that you won’t let failure be an option.  And if you end up with flying colors, your experience may even inspire others to follow suit.

8.  Celebrate and reward yourself.
If you’ve managed to tick the boxes come year end, raise a glass and celebrate your success.  Wear the ‘success story’ badge and be proud of your achievement.  Get yourself a tangible reward as an icing on top, but you’ll feel the real reward from within – a profound sense of fulfillment and self-actualization that’s truly liberating.   

If you haven’t already, today’s the best day to write your 2019 SMART goals. 

Get on it now to start enjoying your amazing and fulfilling happy #Reality this year!


04 january 2019

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