2.  Its quaint town is uniquely quirky.  Walking through the town of Victoria, its capital city, is like stepping into a finished coloring book as most buildings are adorned with vibrant designs and ornaments.  The market stalls, clock tower and temples are not to be missed as they provide the intriguing character to the petite town.  Plus, if you’re a sucker for souvenirs, you can find them all here.  

9.  Its people are warm and tourist-friendly.  Yes, they speak English, are very helpful and exude that warm hospitality.  I arrived at Avani Barbarons Resort without an itinerary and after a 30-minute chat with the concierge, my agenda for the next 4 days was sorted.  Was also fortunate to see the local life when my driver showed me his house and kids, and they even gave me freshly harvested fruits from their backyard!  If that isn’t true hospitality, what is?

Truth be told, I didn’t know that ‘Seychelles’ existed a few years ago.  After hearing about it, I tried looking it up the world map and had a hard time spotting it.  Give it a try, you’ll know what I mean after you find that tiny dot.  

And that’s why it is underrated.  Beyond its minute façade is a lovely gem that deserves to be discovered, experienced and loved.  It’s not as grand and romanticized as its neighbors Maldives and Mauritius, yet I feel that it is more genuine, modest and raw proven by its scenery, culture and people.

I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg since I stayed in the island for just four days.  Yet, realized at the end of my travel that Seychelles definitely deserves that ‘second look’ because… ​

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Best for what

Short breaks for active recreation or pure relaxation.


Best to check out
Beaches, landscapes, sights, flora and fauna, water sports.

10.  It’s a perfect place to unwind and find peace.  If you simply want to get away from it all, I highly recommend this island paradise.  On my last day, it drizzled a bit while I enjoyed a good breakfast, a relaxing massage and a nap on this hammock by the beach.  When it was time to get up and pack up, the rainbow just appeared, seemingly poetically whispering to me: “You’re now well-rejuvenated Joseph.  Face your reality again, be happy and live inspired!”

8.  It’s easy to island hop.  In only four days I’ve enjoyed Mahe, La Digue and Praslin.  If you intend to stay longer, for sure you’ll be able explore more spots and end up with more stories to share.  Unlike huge archipelagos where island hopping is a challenge, you won’t face it here.  Having a seat on a boat is easy – simply go to the jetty port and buy a ticket.  Or arrange a private boat from a tour operator if you’re fancy.

4.  It has a place where motorized vehicles are not allowed.  Exploring La Digue by foot and through cycling was one of my favorites.  I was drawn by its literal simplicity – arrived at the island, rented a bike, went up the hills, checked out the villages, discovered virgin beaches, enjoyed coconut juice under the tree where it came from and ate the freshest seafood with my hands.  Paradise indeed!   

Best for whom
Everyone, really.  Families, couples, friends, solo travelers.

Best to consider

Mid-range budget, no language barrier, easy to navigate, has all types of food (including vegetarian and Halal).

5.  It has secluded ‘secret’ beaches.  Seychelles is best known for its beaches.  And rightfully so, it should be as you’d find stunning turquoise waters caressing the pristine powdery sands in all of its islands.  The revelation to me though is the collection of secluded beaches, which is La Digue’s best-kept secret.  Fortunately, I took a wrong turn in one of the villages and lost my trail that led me to this secluded beach instead.  

Best time to go

April to May or October to November

6. It has the purely divine Anse Source d’Argent.  Google ‘Seychelles’ and its photo will come up as it’s their most photographed beach.  Well, what’s not to love in this picturesque spot?  As it’s famous, expect tourists to be all over.  To enjoy your stay, find a personal space in one of the granite boulders and swim close to it.  Spend a few hours here (since you’ll pay to enter) and check out the coconut plantation and tortoises.  If you can’t stand crowds, then go straight to the equally beautiful Anse Lazio instead.  

3.  It has a charming botanical garden.  Thankfully, I got stuck here for a couple of hours because it rained and found myself some shade close to the small bridge.  Aside from the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, the place has interesting finds like century old trees, a line of coco de mer palms and a spot to see huge tortoises.  While there’s an entrance fee, it’s definitely worth visiting while in Victoria’s city center. 

In a nutshell...

7.  Its marine life is simply beautiful.  Blessed with Indian Ocean’s rich marine life, this East African country is the perfect place for diving, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports like wind surfing, water skiing and paragliding.  Consider doing all these in Praslin.  If you’re keen at trying Creole food, do the snorkeling tour as it usually includes barbecue by the beach.  And try the octopus curry too!

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1.  It has breathtaking views everywhere.  A few minutes away from Mahe airport is this welcoming scenic view up the mountain.  Typically, you’d expect the airport to be tucked away from the main destination.  Fortunately, the country is fairly small it wouldn’t require you to travel long hours just to see them all.  Once on the hilly part of Mahe, you’ll see vibrant greens all over complemented by the pleasant provincial fresh air.

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